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Welcome to the CNC Guitar Site!

  This is a site dedicated to the 3D modeling and ultimately, construction of guitars.  Most of the 3D modeling is done in Solidworks and Fusion 360, and then through the process of CNC machining with Mastercam (Fusion 360), guitars are constructed.  You will find a wealth of information here about this process, as well as a series of instructional videos on how all of this is done.  I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope to hear from you!

One of my favorite Guitars is the PRS McCarty, which as you can see I have also modeled.  Here are a few of the renders which I have done, to see how different colors, and different figured woods would look like.  Wood like this, is getting almost impossible to find (eBay is your friend), but as you can see, it can certainly produce a VERY stunning instrument, especially when coupled with the right stain to really bring out the figure.


DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT provide any Models of Guitars here!  These are basically just examples of what can be achieved by learning the 3D modeling process.  All basic guitars designs from many manufacturers are copyrighted, and as such, it would be illegal to distribute any of these designs without consent!  Please do not ask me to provide you with a model!
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I have created a series of Instructional Videos that detail the process of Machining and the  3D modeling of Guitars.  The machining videos detail the process of creating tool paths in MasterCam, for machining Guitar Bodies and Guitar Necks.  The Archtop video details the process of 3D Modeling an Archtop Acoustic Guitar, from Benedetto plans.  As such, the entire series allows one to learn 3D modeling and CNC machining (specifically as it pertains to guitars).  Obviously the methods here can be applied to anything.  Rendering the created models integrates extremely well into this process.  This allows one to get a real-world perspective if you will, on how the finished instrument will look like.  As such, I have also taken the time to model many guitar parts, like tuners, bridges and humbuckers.  Using the integrated Solidworks renderer, I then create many wood textures, which I use to render my models.  These are derived from images manipulated in Photoshop, to bring out certain wood grains, and to simulate wood stains and colors.  The renders could simply be images, or as you can see throughout this site, I create animated sequences as well.

This is the newest video in the series, and it details the construction of an Archtop Acoustic Guitar model, in Fusion 360! Please follow the link above for more details, as well as short introductory video about this instructional video set.

In this video, the details of modeling an Archtop guitar in Solidworks are provided.  Every aspect of the guitar is created, through a simple step by step process that is easy to follow. Using the methods here, basically any type of carved top guitar (or for that matter any guitar) can be modeled.


This instructional video contains over 2 hours of content.  It details the machining of a Guitar Neck with MasterCam.  It also includes a video on the machining of the FretBoard, including the tool paths of machining fret slots and inlays.  Every step of the process is detailed, and explained.


This instructional video contains well over 2.5 hours of instruction, broken into 10 lessons.  These take you through a step by step process on how to completely machine a guitar body, both the front and back.  It also details how to properly orient the stock onto a machine bed, as well as to how to properly post G-Code.


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The Les-Paul, in my opinion,  is one of the most beautiful guitars ever designed!  Les (RIP) was a genius to say the least.  Coupled with the right wood, and the right stain, it can absolutely become a very stunning instrument!  As you can see, this is another guitar which I have modeled and also build.  I also have experimented with carving out the body, to make it hollow, and hence also lighter.  Again, the possibilities are endless! The ’59 top carved will always remain one of the most beautiful carved top instruments in the face of the earth!

CNC Machine

The CNC I use to machine my guitars was designed by me, and started off as a model in Solidworks.  It has a 42×35 working area, which easily allows me to machine Necks, Guitar bodies etc.  Originally I started with a wood router mounted as my spindle, but eventually moved on to a VFD, which gives me  greater flexibility over speeds and feeds.  The machine can machine light metals like Aluminum, Brass, Bronze etc. as well.  For more Information, as well as a picture gallery of this machine, please head over to the CNC machine pages.  Navigate this site also for additional videos of the machine cutting out the Archtop guitar, as well as other videos (on my Youtube Channel).

Customer Feedback

“These DVD’s are just what I needed! I can’t say enough about them.  Spiro has definitely set the bar for instructional videos with these. Everything you could need to know in order to make guitars using SolidWorks and MasterCam is covered, step by step. He even goes as far as to show you alternative methods of doing certain things just to give you an even larger perspective of what’s possible. Entirely worth ordering all 4 discs. He could charge double what he is asking for these. And I got them roughly 3 days after ordering them, so I’m definitely happy with that! I’m not going to claim that my work is top-notch (yet!), but before getting these discs, I couldn’t even make the body (unless it was flat, and had no cutouts…)

Charles Swick

“….Just up to placing my bridge at the moment. Having a ball learning it and am amazed at the results I’m achieving already. Your instructions and presentation are superb! It’s a really well done dvd and well worth the money. ” Thanks!

Chris Flood

Requiem Guitars

Hey folks,
Just a quick shout out regarding these videos. In a word, these are AWESOME. If you ever wanted to learn how to do 3D modeling of guitar bodies and necks but were afraid of the learning curve, you MUST take a look at these.
I have never touched or even seen how Solidworks works. After watching the vids, I was able to successful produce what seems to be a really nice version of a Telecaster-type body. I was so excited about this, that I HAD TO HAVE the latest vids on neck design using Solidworks. As soon as I got the notice that it was available, I ordered it. The quality and detail is even greater in this series of videos and I am half way through my first fingerboard and neck to fit the tele body.
At this point, I just cannot say enough about how much I’ve learned with using Solidworks in such a very short time. This would not be possible without these vids from CyborgCNC. AND if that weren’t enough, the support has been phenomenal!

Joe D.


“I received the DVDs yesterday (Sep 25th), so first and foremost – thanks for the prompt shipment. I reviewed the design with SolidWorks DVD from beginning to end and I wanted to congratulate you for a work superbly done. You went through all of the stages of design thoroughly and patiently, not skipping any step of the process and leaving nothing for guess work. I especially appreciate the fact that where feasible, you took the time to show different methods to perform the same task, thus enriching the knowledge of SolidWorks. I have been using SolidWorks for quite a while now, but required another perspective, that of a designer. I got what I was looking for and then some…”



After watching all 4-of these excellent videos, I was able to get a good grasp of a new world, the world of CAD/CAM. Spiro truly leaves no stone unturned in these real life example, data packed DVD`s. I`m glad I made the purchases.

Rick Canton

My payment was acknowledged almost immediately and I received the videos within a few days.  The videos show the author designing a neck in Solidworks and creating the toolpaths in Mastercam.  Every step is shown along with the author talking about the source for each measurement used and the reasons for each step.  Throughout the videos, he discusses not only how to operate the software but how he comes up with design ideas, where to buy parts, and how to realize the design in wood.  Basically, these videos showed exactly how to do what I want.  They have saved me many hours of wading through Solidworks and Mastercam tutorials and figuring this out on my own.  These videos are great — I can’t say enough good things about them.

It’s obvious that a lot of time was put into these videos and they are definately worth purchasing if you want to learn how to do CNC Design and Machining of guitar necks and bodies.

Chris Cockrum

Just wanted to say I bought your Neck Design video and it is fantastic! I have been a Solidworks user for many years and you taught me a lot of tricks I had no idea could be done. The Neck video for me has been worth every penny I paid for it. Great job and keep them coming.


Ballard Guitar Works