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Below, you will find some samples of how these instructional videos are structured.  This way you can get a feel as to how they flow, and some of the type of instructions included.  Again, please do not hesitate to drop me a note if there is anything that might not be clear, or if you have any additional questions.  I have also provided an “additional info” section, to guide you to some of the tools, supplies/suppliers, websites, etc. that will guide you further in your guitar building path.  I hope you find these useful.


Here you can see a snip of the process I go through to model the Archtop guitar.  As noted, and as you can see, I use the Benedetto plans as a reference to design this guitar.  As you can also see, the plans are included on the disk, and I have even processed them in a way that you can use them very easily for the references mentioned.


On this video here, you can get an idea as to how the video is structured, and how it flows.  I have tried to detail every step very clearly, and tried to leave nothing out.  I am sure that you will find these videos very detailed and useful!  As you can see here, the focus in this particular section is the peg head, and the tool paths we can use to machine it.


The video here shows the process we follow to machine the Guitar Body.  We first focus on the front of the body. Then, we go through the process of re-orienting our work coordinate system, flip the body, and focus on the back.  In this short snip, you can see I am focusing on “surfacing” as this is a carved top guitar.

Here are some more photos of various builds, and other odds and ends.  You can also head over to my blog, where I will be detailing the process I used to build some of these guitars, the jigs I use and designed, and everything else.

Below, I have provided a number of links to places I have used in the past for tooling, software, and other info.  If you are new to CNC machining, a place like CNC Zone has a ton of helpful folks, and information on the subject.  Consider becoming a member there, in addition to many other forums you can find through a google search.

You can send me an email top the address below, if there is anything more I can answer for you.

(I am NOT affiliated with ANY of these suppliers or sites below.  I merely am providing these links here purely as information!)

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CAD/CAM Software

Other Software  and tools etc.