Fusion 360 Machining of a '62 Stratocaster

Here is a short video of my CNC machine cutting out the neck, fretboard, and body of a ’62 strat I am in the process of building.  As can been seen, the entire guitar was modeled in Fusion 360, and then the machine tool paths were also created in Fusion 360.  The G-code was then exported into Mach3, and the CNC machine did the rest.  Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

I used one of my all-time favorite songs as the background to this video, and I hope you enjoy it, especially in these crazy times we are all living in now.


  1. Loube Anselmi says:

    On your Fusion 360 archtop dvds, as a hobbyist, what level would I need to get in order to draw out a guitar? Student level, hobbyist, etc.?
    I’m getting ready to order a Onefinity cnc machine.
    Thanks for your time
    Loube Anselmi

    1. cyborgcnc says:

      Hi Loube,
      Not 100% sure of your question. The Free version of Fusion 360 is all you need, and you will be able to draw this.

      1. Loube Anselmi says:

        Thanks. The Fusion 360 archtop instruction is available as a dvd? I don’t have internet at home, only here at work.

  2. Lewis AI says:

    I bought a new small CNC router machine. Your article is very useful to me. I like it

    1. cyborgcnc says:

      Thanks! Glad you are finding some of this information Useful!

  3. aristo suratman says:

    do you have video cutting scarf joint guitar (angle neck guitar) in fusion 360 with bounding box just like in solidworks and mastercam ?

    1. cyborgcnc says:

      Honestly I do not. I tried Fusion 360 CAM, and did my latest stratocaster build on it, but Mastercam has ruined me for life, and I am never using anything else. F360 CAM is light years behind mastercam….(Obviously my opinion only..)

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